Shirdance is a unique living statues performance group that offers an aesthetic visual experience throughout the event by fusing the traditional living statues look with striking colors, costumes, imaginary characters and unique movement technique developed by the performers.

Our line of costumes will help you create live entertainment of a different kind. It can be artistic and soft like the Living Statues decoration, Dancing Flowers, Field of Fairies, Flying White Angels, or upbeat and outrageous like our selection of Greeters — Red Carpet, Disco Girls, Circus Characters, Show Girls and our new hot Lady Gaga Impersonator.

You can find it all here. We are excited to offer a new dimension to your party and create a memorable experience for all.

Shirdance has had the pleasure to perform and decorate many venues and events, like the P. Diddy White Party, Sephora, Pepsi Co. Fest, Tribeca Film Festival Family Fest (every year since 2007), Footlocker annual party, TOTY - Toy of The Year event, FIDF - Gala, and so much more. Check out our list of performances and get updates on upcoming performances.

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